High Times DC Business Summit

No speech this year but couldn't help myself to the spotlight. Felt very comfortable!

Some thoughts about the 2015 DC High Times Business Summit. As the first annual, it serves as a looking-glass for future exhibitions.


A Recreational Industry

One of my first impressions arriving in DC for the High Times Business Summit, which took place December 15-16th, was that the industry was a recreationally-optimistic bunch. Being one of two physicians that attended, the lack of medicinal industry was surprising. Almost daunting. As if all these little companies and organizations depend blindly on a large recreational market freeing up, which is clearly less likely than medicinal legalization on a national level.

What irked me was the absence of medical industry reps. I’ve come to realize that if natural cannabinoid medical therapy becomes legal, the entire summit combined would fall to the likes of GlaxoSmithKline or Pfizer. These companies must be keeping very close watch on the cannabie situation since medicinally it would affect sales of current pharmaceuticals. Not to mention their own stake in the cannabis industry is backed by bottomless financial investment potential. Realistically, what’s a billion for them to invest compared to current industry leaders?

Hopefully next year the medical industry will play a larger part in the summit and I personally volunteer to discuss the topic as a speaker. Given this year’s speakers, competition is not on my side for that opportunity!

High Times Editor-in-Chief managed the summit splendidly so the schedule remained promptly on time.

Lectures and Breakout Sessions

One of the nice things about the summit was the possibility to engage in Breakout Sessions, a group discussion format engaging attendees and speakers directly. This provided a nice change of pace between lectures and allowed networking with others and developing contacts.

This was how I met Mary Lynn Mathre. In one room she spoke to the audience about the endocannabinoid system and cannabis use for health, and in the other I discussed with her about her extensive experiences rooted in the cannabie legal reform front.

After PartyDecorations arranged for behind the stage and podium. Very well done. Clean.

The first night’s gathering at a private bar/nightclub was AWESOME! Now there everyone was free to mingle and make friends informally. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it must have been one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time. Can’t wait for next year after thinking about it!



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