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Diabetes Management with Insulin

In this video, I explain the general problem underlying diabetes and how we strive to fix that problem with the use of insulin. I’ve been meaning to put something out there about this for a long time because I find that most diabetics just don’t understand the underlying principles that must be understood to keep control of this chronic devastating disease.

The Doctor’s Lesson

This is the sort of lecture every doctor wishes they could give to their patients if it weren’t for time constraints. If you know of anyone with diabetes, please share this video with them because it will help them understand the topic in a very different way that is much deeper than dietary recommendations and instructions to be followed. This is the “teach a man to fish” information that every diabetic should hear.

Share with a diabetic or like this video so others have the opportunity to see it for themselves. Without social media up-votes, this will be buried and fail to serve its purpose. If you help this video get noticed, you are literally contributing to peoples health. You play a part improving another person’s  health and quality of life. We’re a team!


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