Marijuana Treats Opioid Withdrawal

Marijuana treats opioid withdrawal (hope you’re happy, SEO gods…). How do I know this? Through candid discussions with patients who trust me. Our conversations are very very confidential. This allows me to ask questions that strike the heart of sensitive topics. Too often such topics involve narcotics, the biggest problem facing American health since obesity.


Cannabis Treatment Alleviates Symptoms

Marijuana as a medicine can be administered in high doses to relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms in those dependent on pain medicines or addicted to heroin. No other medications provide as much relief.

Personally, I know from my own experience treating narcotic withdrawal as a hospitalist that the medications we provide are rather ineffective and do little to provide relief. The patients just have to wait it out, and thankfully they can’t die from withdrawal (unlike alcohol and benzos). If I could, I’d order marijuana stat on such patients.

Other Uses for Drug Dependency

It is very possible that marijuana would also provide use in alcohol withdrawal. I’m not as confident in that as I am with its ability to relieve opioid withdrawal. After all, it is a medication that treats pain, so it overlaps systems with opioids. With alcohol, it may serve to raise seizure threshold, since is some literature suggesting that it has antiepileptic properties. Again, I’m not as confident in this use of medical marijuana but I certainly believe that it deserves a lot of attention and future research in this has priority given the ubiquity of the matter. Alcoholism is the only disease I haven’t been able to treat.


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