Prescribe More Narcotics (So the Pain Specialists Don’t)

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I’m really tired of pain specialists. They don’t like medical marijuana and are slow to approve of it. Why though? As specialists of pain management, they should see the results cannabis has on opiate use and pain control. Yet, despite being so positive for pain treatment and getting people off of narcotics, they fail to embrace this new medication.

Cognitive Dissonance

So many times I’ve seen pain specialists throw a patient out of theirclinic for a positive drug test for marijuana. No matter the length of time they had been under their care or their openness and honesty about trying it, they are left on their own. Even when addicted to high doses of opiates, they are left to go cold turkey. What better time to seek dope? The only other options are their local emergency department or walk-in urgent care clinic. Those will usually work but not at the levels Dr. Pain Specialist prescribed them.

Perhaps this causes them cognitive dissonance. Or, they just don’t care and make an example out of that patient.

Financial Incentive to Prescribe

These doctors have a financial incentive to prescribe. If medical marijuana became a substitute for opiates and other addicting drugs, pain specialists would no longer have such a lucrative career. They would lose the power they hold over patients and the patients could pick and choose if and when to see them. That is the nightmare of a pain specialist.

Family Doctors, Prescribe More Narcotics

So we take away the awful work the field of pain management and its specialists have done. These consultants have driven our country into a full out pandemic of dope use and narcotic addiction. Look at how many of our close ones die from overdoses. I bet you, reading this right now, know someone who has died from pain medications or heroin, to which pain medications were a gateway drug to.


Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

The plant that creates the narcotics America is dependent on.I said it before and I’ll say it again. Marijuana is a gateway drug. It is our GATEWAY OUT of narcotic addiction. Now, more than ever, do we need a miracle. That miracle is medical marijuana. Physicians, please! Please start adopting medical marijuana into your practices. How many patients do you know that have died from marijuana? How many are dying from long term side effects of cannabis? If that answer is zero, it’s time to reconsider your pain management practices. Just like I did.

Join me. Walk through that gateway and show your patients a new quality of life that they deserve.

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