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Marijuana for Autism-related Self-injury

Autism-related Self-injury is Treatable with Medical Marijuana Since Pennsylvania enacted the Safe-Harbor letter, I’ve had success treating a few patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most notable of those are the…

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Recreational Marijuana vs Medical Marijuana

Recreational vs Medical Marijuana [brid video=”130584″ player=”3893″ title=”Recreational Marijuana vs. Medical Marijuana Dr. Roman from Nature Way Medicine”] Let’s discuss my thoughts on recreational marijuana versus medical marijuana. Shall we?…

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Marijuana Growing Risk To PA Environment

Pennsylvania Environment Vulnerable to Cannabis Growing Industry   [brid video=”82413″ player=”3893″ title=”Pennsylvania Marijuana Growing Environmentally Risky”]   Spread the word so that growers don’t harm our natural resources and revert decades…

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Could marijuana be healthy?

  Is Marijuana Beneficial??  A candid discussion by doctor Roman raises the question,  could cannabis actually be beneficial to health? Has the public been misguided by an Era representative of…

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Tobacco and Marijuana

Tobacco is Bad, Worse with Cannabis Check out why tobacco should never be used in conjunction with marijuana. That’s for all you blunt smokers out there too! [brid video=”79897″ player=”3893″…