PA Marijuana Physician Registration Update

This is an another PA marijuana physician registration update video that I recorded yesterday. The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana (MMJ) program has revealed the training providers that are supplying our physicians with their 4-hour mandatory training to get registered on the Department of Health (DoH) website. As I stated in this written letter to the state, my experience as a medical marijuana physician since 2015 and perpetual self-education would be above and beyond the minimum training required to be a registered medical marijuana physician.

When the training providers were announced, one of them was known to me and their training was already completed. Therefore, out of the kindness of their heart, granted me access gratuitously to the single remaining section of the mandatory training they provide to PA doctors. I was able to complete it immediately and then asked’s super helpful administrators to notify the PA DoH.

Next Step Assurance In-person Marijuana Lessons

The other provider of training material is Next Step Assurance. They can be found at and have been instrumental in educating physicians in other states. They are a physician-run organization rooted in cannabis medicine and have been developing an educational seminar called the Medical Cannabis Education Symposium, which is the foundation of their PA Medical Cannabis Certification Course. I have been in close communications with the course’s organizers after offering my assistance. My experience in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia area hospitals, as well as my previous residence in Erie has acquainted me with enough healthcare providers and managers across all major PA hubs to bring value.

The PA Medical Cannabis Certification Course is going to be the most useful way for us PA physicians to get acquainted with medical marijuana because it will be taught by doctors with experience in the field. Doctors seeking to be registered marijuana physicians will be pleased to ask fundamental questions that online medical education can’t provide answers to. First Step Assurance’s staff is attempting to start training physicians in the following cities: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, State College, Scranton, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Allentown, Williamsport, and Altoona. Interested parties can sign up to their mailing list at the link above.

Dates and Times

This training is going to be done in morning and afternoon 4-hr blocks so physicians living closer can pick morning spots and those that have to travel can choose to complete the training in the afternoon. The times are 8-12 and 1-5pm. Doctors can hear my recommendations for taking this course in the video embedded above. The initial dates for some of these courses are Friday, August 25th in Allentown at Sacred Heart Hospital, and First Step has their sights on August 18th and 19th for Philadelphia. There’s a possibility that Nature’s Way Medicine will be the site but another great option has been made available just south of the city so it’s a good idea to sign up for their mailing list and receive updates as they come out.

There will also be webinars on August 10th and August 17th. Those are both Thursdays and you can catch the live webinars between the hours of 4 and 8pm. This will be a less engaging alternative to First Step Assurance’s medical cannabis symposium. Definitely check it out.

Wanted: Community Assistance

The real life training course is being organized across Pennsylvania and since the organizers aren’t from PA, I told them how well our state takes care of our guests and how much we value the need for physician education. Therefore, I call on reputable organizations and instutions to reach out and assist in finding locations that could serve as backups or even primary locations. Send me an email so I can assess how best to direct your hospitality. If nothing else, we can establish new connections in this network being woven in the fabric that is our Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry… (or should I say, hemp industry?).


It’s Time!

pa marijuana physician registration

Some of you may have seen my facebook livestream about this: I have been communicating with the PA medical marijuana support staff and was told that their database has my registration categorized as complete. Despite attempts of obstinate individuals and specious organizations to convince the masses otherwise, most of you know that I have not been taking PA residents for medical marijuana assessments unless patients are bent on it. With the PA marijuana physician registration list looming and the state acknowledging my prerequisites as completed, the time has come.  

That’s right! It’s doors-wide-open for eager patients interested in a medical marijuana assessment and consultation.  As I await placement onto the PA medical marijuana physician registration list, patients can schedule appointments at Nature’s Way Medicine® at 131 N 4th street in Old City Philadelphia. I hope to see positive individuals there who are happy to wait until at least January 2018, and spend the out-of-pocket $200 cost for an initial appointment.

Start getting ready: will need paperwork from your doctors’ offices (ask for 1 yr of “progress notes”, yes. “PROGRESS NOTES!” they will know what you mean 🙂 and that can be faxed to (855)NWM-FAXX, or (855) 696-3299. That will ensure you are qualified and I can approve you on the initial visit without additional visits. Those without a doctor can see me for primary care but should not expect any medical marijuana approval until traditional approaches are discussed and possibly attempted, depending on the state’s requirements. Those are not out yet but I will be discussing my predictions for the protocols of acquiring a card so make sure to check back.

Phone Calls

When the PA marijuana physician registration list is posted publicly, there will be a flurry of phone calls coming in so I ask that everyone leave contact info and details so I can call back at a time that is convenient for returning messages. I appreciate everyone’s understanding during this awesome transition from antiquity to real, modern medicine! Hang in there everyone and please provide your support to create a network protective of its values and conducive to improving the public’s quality of life rather than short-sighted quibbles of a lingering pre-MMJ humbug.



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