Scorch Torch Review


Sometime ago I was sent a lighter in the mail unexpectedly. This wasn’t your average Bic or gas station clear plastic lighter.  This was the cadillac of lighters. Turns out it’s not even called a lighter. It falls into its own category of fire-producing handheld devices called torches. It’s called the Scorch Torch.
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Engineering at its finest.


The Scorch Torch. Sent to my doorstep was the coolest little lighter I’ve seen! I’ve played with it a lot and the butane level lasts and lasts. Personally, I have used it much since I have little use for it but I would imagine it may be a bit much for lighting a standard  joint.  I’d imagine this would be more helpful in the extracts category of marijuana use. Since it basically looks like a rocket ship’s ass when it’s turned on. That’s right, I said ass. Gave the joke more oomph.

Where to find it?

  Who would send me such an adorable little tool of torture? I’m glad you asked. Why, no other than the Bake Bros at Check out their own brand products under the Shop by Brand tab. You know they mean business when they blow glass like this bubbler. Even more intriguing is the Omron Enail temperature control unit they offer. I’ll delve deeper into extract use in the future and will discuss “oil rigs” like this one, including my opinions of the best products on the market available to patients.

More Reviews of Products to Come

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