Second Year Begins

October 1st was a very special day for me here at Nature’s Way Medicine. It was the first anniversary of the clinic’s opening, which was blogged about a year ago on this website. Our second year has started. Since starting, the business has increased its patient numbers significantly and this year will bring with it the follow ups from established patients. The business has survived until now and hopes to continue its good deeds unhindered.

Things have improved over the last year. For example, patient waiting times for card approval have drastically decreased. When I first started here, it took 3-6 months sometimes for patients to be approved for a card. Now, a 4 week wait is average but sometimes much sooner is possible. One patient was approved in two days.

Another improvement has been the addition of psychiatrist Dr. Marc Turgeon, DO, who is a specialist at treating PTSD with MMJ. PTSD assessed patients have begun to receive cards for this and many more we hope will reach us for their relief and improvement in quality of life.

Second Year, Second Location

On that same anniversary, Nature’s Way Medicine signed its lease for its second location in downtown Philadelphia’s Old City. This marks a huge milestone for the business as it has crossed state lines and I return to my old stomping grounds. The same ones our forefathers walked on themselves, after smoking marijuana.

Pennsylvania residents can begin their process by being assessed and establishing a bona fide physician-patient relationship that will smoothly lead to a new lifestyle and alternative to their treatment. Cannabis is happening in Pennsylvania!




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