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Physician Opportunities

Interested in Becoming a Medical Marijuana Physician? We are seeking bright open-minded, state-licensed physicians for Nature’s Way Medicine practices in Pennsylvania. If you are interested in such an opportunity in…

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Could marijuana be healthy?

  Is Marijuana Beneficial??  A candid discussion by doctor Roman raises the question,  could cannabis actually be beneficial to health? Has the public been misguided by an Era representative of…

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Tobacco and Marijuana

Tobacco is Bad, Worse with Cannabis Check out why tobacco should never be used in conjunction with marijuana. That’s for all you blunt smokers out there too! [brid video=”79897″ player=”3893″…

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Communication with Patients

Discuss Medical Marijuana with Your Patients[brid video=”73264″ player=”3893″ title=”Why you should discuss marijuana with your patients”] Dr Roman discussed the need for communicating openly with patients about marijuana treatment.

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Autoimmune Disease Petition

I’ve submitted to the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program a petition for autoimmune disease to be added to the list of qualified conditions. I put it in the mailbox tonight so we’ll wait and…

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Real Patient Visit – Dr. Roman Teaches Endocannabinoid System

[brid video=”39033″ player=”3893″ title=”Patient Counseling on Endocannabinoids in real life visit by Dr. Roman”]   Endocannabinoid System (Real Patient Encounter)   This is how I teach patients during their visits,…

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Evidence for Medical Marijuana is Irrelevant pt 1

The Importance of Evidence Evidence is the supposed outcome of scientific studies that make up what we consider to be our understanding of science and within that our medical literature…