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cannabis news and research 03/19/21
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Cannabis News & Research 03/19/21

Two main stories today. One big one out of Mexico and a good trial that came out about PTSD.   Mexico Mexico passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, making…

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PTSD: Most Important Disease to Treat

The Disease Medical Marijuana is Most Important for is PTSD A growing number of patients know that when Dr. Turgeon is at our Wilmington office to assess patients with PTSD for medical…

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Dr. Turgeon Returning September 17th

Reserve an Appointment Requests for PTSD assessments by Dr. Turgeon have been in quick so reserve your time slot for September 17th, when he will be returning back to continue…

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PTSD Psychiatrist Joining NWM

Welcoming Doctor Marc Turgeon, DO We are happy to announce that psychiatrist doctor Marc Turgeon, DO is joining Nature’s Way Medicine for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patient consultations! He will…